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If you're looking for a colorful, low-maintenance replacement for your lawn or pathways, then this is the plant for you! A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C.

Blue Star Creeper, Isotoma Flaviatilis, stepable. part to

Unzählige blaue Blüten übersäen die Pflanze jedes Jahr!

Isotoma blue foot. Verwandtschaftliche Verhältnisse zum „echten“ Bubikopf (siehe Bild am Ende des Artikels) bestehen nicht. Blue Star Creeper, a.k.a. Perfect for pathways, edging, rock walls.

Fast spreading flowering carpets of hundreds of tiny blue. Blooms last all summer long. Our jumbo landscape plugs of isotoma are the perfect way to cover a lot of ground, quickly and economically!

Isotoma fluviatilis NC State University and N.C. Tight 3 tall mats form to spread flowering carpets of blue flowers to 18 wide in a single year. Da sie sehr dichte Matten bildet, wird Unkraut zuverlässig unterdrückt.

Even worth growing as an annual in cold-winter regions. Blooms all summer long. Er verzeiht problemlos, wenn man auf ihm läuft und blüht den ganzen Sommer lang.

It has sessile 3- to 4-inch long, willow shaped leaves with a series of long pointed tooth-like lobes. – Spreads fairly quickly. In its native range it is a tender perennial developing a deep taproot and a woody base.

Grows best in a moist, well-drained soil. Unzählige blaue Blüten übersäen die Pflanze jedes Jahr! Perfekt ist Isotoma als Unterpflanzung von Rosen und anderen Sträuchern oder auch Stauden, die am Fuß gerne kahl werden.

It is useful planted over bulbs. 'Blue Star Creeper' Isotoma Isotoma fluviatilis Blue Star Creeper. Blue Star Creeper is perfect as a lawn substitute, excellent between stepping stones, under roses, around ponds, patios and decks.

Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Few other ground covers are as easy or long-blooming as blue star creeper ( Isotoma fluviatilis ). Isotoma fluviatillis Blue Star Creeper The #1 selling STEPABLE® plant!!

Isotoma 'Blue Foot'®ist ein neuer Bodendecker, der keine Wünsche offen lässt! The prostrate perennial herb often forms a low growing mat. Blauer Bubikopf 'Blue Heaven's Foot'- 3 Stück jetzt online bestellen auf – Ihr Pflanzenversand mit großer Auswahl und schneller Lieferung

An halbschattigen oder absonnigen Stellen mit frischem Boden kann Isotoma auch als Rasenersatz fungieren. Blue Star or Laurentia (Isotoma axillaris). Isotoma Blue Foot® ist ein neuer Bodendecker, der keine Wünsche offen lässt!Er verzeiht problemlos, wenn man auf ihm läuft und blüht den ganzen Sommer lang.

Perfect between and around stepping stones. Sturdy enough as a lawn substitute, but also does well in containers or planted between pavers. Small oval green leaves form tight 3 tall mats.

It’s best shown off in a tall, narrow, chimney-pot type container, lifting the mass of growth off the ground where it balloons out. Small blue, star-shaped flowers cover a dense mat of dark-green foliage. Will need to be contained if spreading is not desired.

Isotoma is a deciduous groundcover that tolerates heavy foot traffic. Tolerates varying amounts of foot traffic. Ideal for planting between paving stones, in the rock garden or as a lawn substitute.

Click anywhere to close this view area. Isotoma fluviatilis is a show stopper in a fairy garden container or planted in a topiary and is amazing over flower bulbs. Product Details – 'Blue Star Creeper' Isotoma.

A terrific plant with multibranched stems, Isotoma ‘Blue Star’ forms a great mound of lilac-coloured, star-like flowers. Isotoma 'Blue Foot®' 3 Pflanzen 7,95 € Isotoma 'White Splash' 3 Pflanzen 9,99 € Tiny plants 2-3 square inches can form an expanding patch 10-15 feet wide within 2-3 years.

Super easy to grow and can bloom spring through summer if conditions. Isotoma fluviatilis stammt aus Australien und ist als Blauer Bubikopf oder Gaudich bekannt. Tolerates heavy foot traffic.

Pratia pedunculata, Laurentia fluviatilis or Isotoma fluviatilis Pros: Isotoma is a genus of annual and perennial herbs within the family Campanulaceae.One study has said, "It is clear that the segregate genera Hypsela, Isotoma, and Pratia are no longer applicable to the New Zealand species of Lobeliaceae, and these are henceforth treated as Lobelia."The species, which are native to Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies and the Society Islands include: (Often incorrectly known as Laurentia) This little creeping perennial forms a flat carpet of tiny green leaves, smothered with starry, soft-blue flowers all summer long.

Blue star is a freely branched plant growing in a mounded habit to a foot tall with a spread of 16 inches. Appreciates afternoon shade when grown in warmer areas. Few other ground covers are as easy or long-blooming as blue star creeper.

It is usually pubescent or sometimes glabrous and roots at nodes. It's a nice alternative for difficult sites where traditional turf grass fails.

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